Happy First Post! Plus Goals!

January 10, 2016  •  2 Comments

Hello, and welcome to anybody stumbling upon my website-in-progress!  

I was told by one of the kids that I should write a blog post, so that there is *something* when they click on the Blog link.  As it is the beginning of a new year, my thoughts have turned to...maybe not resolutions, exactly, (because who in the world sticks with those?!) but intentions and goals.

I recently received this little guy as a gift:

This is a Daruma Doll, and the idea is that you sew one eye on the doll at the beginning of the year, while you think about a goal you'd like to accomplish.  You then put the doll somewhere you'll see it frequently, to remind you of your goal, and once it is accomplished, he gets his second eye.

While it has been mentioned in my house that maybe it's a touch creepy to have a one-eyed doll staring at you all year long, I think it's a cute idea, and so this afternoon, I thought about how much I'd like to complete my program with the New York Institute of Photography this year.  I'm close, on the last unit, but want to finish with all A's and so am very hard on myself when it's time to do photo projects.  Still, I kept that goal in mind as I sewed the first eye on my Daruma Doll, and here he (she?) sits by my computer:

Of course, when I started this photography journey, my main goal was to be able to take better photographs of our own children, and I think that is a goal I have already accomplished.  I took this photo of Logan in 2005:

Ick.  I mean, cute kid and all, but blurry eyes, background in focus, top of the head cut off...it leaves something to be desired, technically speaking.

Then I took this one a month or so ago:

Ansel Adams said that the only photographer you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be.  I think I've come a long way since my long-legged photography assistant was a smushy baby, but still have lots left to learn, and am having a great time doing it.  The miracle is not going to be accomplishing my goal, because I look forward to the process as much as to the result.  The true miracle, with four kids running around, is going to be still having this Daruma Doll AND her remaining eye where I can find them, at the end of the year.


Yes ma'am I did! Besides schlepping my stuff and trying to make your kids laugh, he also posed for me so I could do some light metering before you got there. He is the BEST assistant!
Did you take this pic the day you took ours?!
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