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Last week I had the absolute privilege of photographing some of our town's FFA members.  Let me explain why this was so exciting to me.

We live in a very small, very agricultural community. However, for several years, there has been no ag program at the school.  No learning to weld, no animal projects, no FFA.  This year, we were thrilled to learn that ag was being brought back, and surprised to learn that our daughter would be part of it.  She has become an active and enthusiastic member of the Horse Judging team.  Besides horse judging, our FFA members are active in Vet Tech, Feedyard Tech, and Food Science competitions.  They have built furniture out of old pallets and have practiced public speaking in chapter conducting.  I probably know about half of the things they're doing, and I'm really impressed.  They are learning skills that will last them their entire lives, whether they choose to pursue an agricultural career, or one in another business altogether.  The poise and confidence that I'm seeing in these students are really inspiring, and I'm grateful for the opportunities our own children have as a result of the reinstated agricultural program.  Many thanks to Kamy Whatley, who has been instrumental in this year's ag program success, and Jennifer Carter, who has been running the shop end of things.

SO, when I was asked to take photographs, I said ABSOLUTELY.  There was a site visit from one of Texas FFA's head honchos yesterday, and the FFA members wanted a few pictures to use in the presentation they had to give to cement their new charter.  Their presentation was yesterday, and it sounds like it went very well for them.  I wanted to wait until they had a chance to show their images before I did!

Note:  These are not all of the FFA members, but most of the ones involved with yesterday's site meeting.

This was a fun photo that the FFA members seemed to like too:

And I thought they did a great job with their "walking down the road" pose...just like they hang out, holding hands and walking down the road in their corduroy every day:

Now, the pose the kids wanted was one of their backs to the camera, with FFA jackets slung over their shoulders.  The lighting wasn't my favorite, since we had to take photos fairly early in the day, but they liked it:

When we were just about done, one of the young men involved in this shoot told me that my photos need more explosions.  I aim to please!

I was honored to be asked to be part of helping these students with their FFA charter, and can't wait to see what they do next!



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