Katelyn's 14 Year Session

August 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

I had every intention of getting Katelyn's 14-year photo session done before we left on our summer vacation.  We actually loaded up all my gear and got to the site once, and it started raining, so we decided to wait for a better day.  On the better day, it got cloudier than I liked, because I had very specific images in mind.  Then the next day it was a little too breezy and Katelyn was worried about her hair.  Then, we had to pack, shuffle animals, and get ready for school and our vacation.  Luckily, when your mom is the photographer, there are endless rescheduling possibilities.

We finally had a beautiful day and got through the entire session!  I'm beyond happy with the results, and when I asked Katelyn which photo she wanted for our "big" print, she picked multiple images.  Any time you can please a teenager with pictures of themselves, your shoot can safely be considered a success!

Katelyn is so cool, because she has such varied interests.  She's a talented, self-taught artist.  She loves cats, horses, and tennis.  Last year, when she was automatically put in an Ag class, I was really worried, but it turns out, she *loves* Ag and FFA is one of her favorite extracurricular activities.  Currently, she is learning to use a cutting torch and will proceed to welding.  We're hoping she can take over some welding for her dad.  He welds like I sew.  It will hold together, but it is not much fun to look at.

But I digress!  So Katelyn is a cutting torch wielding, cat loving little spark plug, typically happiest in jeans and a t-shirt representing one of her favorite alternative bands.  But for her 14-year pictures, I asked if she'd be willing to wear a flower crown.  She wasn't just willing, she was eager.  

Of course, taking photos of your own teenager is not all roses and sunshine.  There was lot of this:

"I AM smiling!"

Or, "How about a dramatic pose now?  Like this?!"

Then my trusty assistant Logan would stick grass up his nose to make himself sneeze, which would make him turn, which would make my light somewhere completely other than where it needed to be.

We still came out with so many good images.  Doesn't she look like an Anthropologie model in this one?

It's a weird thing, being a parent.  You're given this squishy little helpless lump, and then you turn around twice, and they look like THIS:

Please excuse me while I go cry and look through baby albums.


Emily Burger(non-registered)
Thanks Mom! I guess her looks make up for her attitude...?! :-D
Wonderful post Emily. I loved it ! She is so, so beautiful!
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