Sarah & Rowdy

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I cannot believe it has taken me so long to post about such a fun, unique session!  It has been a while since Sarah's first senior photoshoot.  I say "first" because there are some plans for more than one...stay tuned...

While it was technically Sarah's photoshoot, I can not leave out Rowdy, her horse, because he was an integral part of the day.  I had not had a shoot with a horse before, but I have been around horses my entire life.  I know enough to know, though, that being around something/someone and getting decent photos of him/her/it are definitely different things.  I am glad Rowdy was the first horse involved in one of my shoots because he was perfect.  He really could not have behaved any better.  You would have thought he was a professional horse model.  The relationship between Sarah and Rowdy is something special.  He pays attention to her, and she adores him, and it came through beautifully.


But enough about Rowdy, though I did enjoy having him with us!

Sarah told me from the time she scheduled her photoshoot that she was game for anything, and she did mean anything.  

Me:  You want to try standing on this fallen tree that looks like it's mostly rotted through?

Sarah:  Sure!

Me:  How about sitting right over here?

Sarah:  Sure!


Sarah:  Could you maybe help me get all these stickers off?

She'd been sitting right in a big patch of grass burrs with a smile on her face!  

We took a few more photos with Rowdy to show off his colorful halter before a costume change.

After Rowdy went back home, Sarah swapped clothes to finish her session by herself.  We really took a lot of photos, and were at it for a long time.  It was chilly and kind of gray out, but Sarah's attitude never faltered and she looked gorgeous and composed.

I am really fortunate to have the clients that I have.  This was shoot was fun for everybody involved.  I recently learned that Sarah was accepted to OSU.  Congratulations!  I wish you all the best for the rest of your senior year and beyond.


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