Emily Burger Photography | About

Hi, I'm Emily!  Welcome to my website!


Here's a little about me.  I have been married to my husband, Chris, for more years than I'll say.  But it's over 10.  He is a rancher, and we live in the beautiful middle of nowhere.  We have four children, the oldest of whom is taller than me, and the youngest of whom still calls me "the best mama in the world."  We also have myriad pets, including a Mini Mancha goat, a Black Lab who is just now learning to run without tripping himself, a French bulldog who thinks she is the boss of all of us, and a cat who disagrees with the dog.  I am happiest wandering our canyons with a camera around my neck. 


On the photography side of things, I am a portrait and food photographer living and working in the Texas Panhandle.  Those may seem like disparate styles of photography, but they are the areas I love best.  I recently graduated from the New York Institute of Photography after years of invaluable training.  


If you are looking for someone with a natural style, you've come to the right place.  I won't take a picture of your baby dressed like a lobster and posed in a cooking pot (thank goodness, right?).  Nor will I edit your photos to make you look like someone you are not, or make you pose for ages in positions from which it will take a week to recuperate.  I think it's special to include objects that matter to you, whether it is your baby's favorite blanket, or a car you've restored yourself.  I also think it is so much fun to include pets in your portraits, because I completely understand how much a part of the family they are!


For portraits, I prefer working outdoors and can help you find a location that will help you get the look you want.  However, I also realize that the weather can be unpredictable where we live, and I have a portable studio setup in case you'd rather take your photos indoors, without the "excitement" of the Panhandle wind.  


Because I so enjoy taking photos of people where they are most comfortable, my work also runs over into lifestyle photography.  I'd be happy to help you capture images of the experiences that make your life what it is.  Photos of you at your everyday job, or celebrating a milestone birthday, or experiencing once-in-a-lifetime achievements like purchasing your first home, will be treasured memories for you and your loved ones.  


Besides portraits, I absolutely adore food photography.  Making food look its very best is a challenge and a joy, and if you have a restaurant, make cookies to sell, or are growing beautiful vegetables for the farmer's market, I would be thrilled to help showcase your work.  I don't mind eating my food photo subjects when we're done.  Just being honest.


I know how stressful photo shoots can be, so I am ready to help with every aspect, from scheduling to wardrobe choices to location ideas.  Contact me today so we can work together to make your photos memorable, and enjoyable!